Return to the source Nature’s own colour : Henna

Henna is one of the oldest herbs and is used by Men & Women for centuries – over 6,000 years. The henna colour is obtained from the leaves of the plant, which are dried, milled and sifted. Henna is one of the most popular beauty herbs in India and is very well known for its cooling effects. Since ages it has been used to make hair shiny, healthy, and gorgeous. The power of this green herb is not only used to cover greys, but is also applied on hair to bring back the health of your tresses.

We at Nirvana, study the various reasons due to which hair is greying and accordingly do a balancing treatment along with application of henna on hair.

Prematured Greying could be due to various reasons:

Stress, severe acidity, hereditary conditions, use of chemically laden hair products, colouring & highlighting, heat treatments, etc. Along with the need to cover grey hairs with Henna, it is also very much necessary to control or delay further greying of hair.

It is a very popular myth that Henna is damaging to the hair, henna as a herb is dry by nature, but it can be balanced with natural products to make it soft on hair.

At Nirvana we do hair restoration and hair revatalising treatments using natural, freshly ground juices & herbs like coconut milk, vegetable juices, aloe vera, dry fruit juices, greens & fenugreek seeds paste, etc. All of this to nourish the scalp & follicles, which in return take care & delay greying, control hair loss, thinning, balding and support regrowth of hair.


At Nirvana a paste of henna leaves along with green tea leaves, walnuts, vegetables, dry fruits, herbs and coconut cream is applied to the hair giving it a beautiful coloured tinge, thereby making the hair soft and conditioned, all this followed by a hair wash with coconut cream & Aloe gel.

Wine Henna:

This is a Special Henna with goodness of wine, rich in Antioxidants helping hair cells grow, while adding an auburn tint.

Henna Enhance:

A special oil infused with herbs applied on the scalp & hair, thereby enhancing and darkening the henna colour.

Dr. Roopa Shetty

Dr. Roopa Shetty

(M.D. in Naturopathy, Post Graduate Diploma in Aesthetics from Women’s World, Qualified ‘healer’ under Pranashakti from Malaysia)