Aligned With Nature

Natural freshly ground products are any day better than harsh chemically laden creams & cosmetics. Natural food extracts can be used in its purest form to serve as effective beauty aids like scrubs, astringents, cleansers, moisturisers, brighteners, shampoos & conditioners.

Freshly ground products have 100% potency & work very well on skin & hair, though slowly & steadily, they work skin deep.

At Nirvana, a colourful assortment of freshly ground & prepared, saffron paste, sandalwood paste, fresh cream, spices, coconut milk, wheatgrass juice, hibiscus flower paste, lentil powder, almond paste, aloe vera juice, dry fruit juice, herb juices, vegetable juices, honey, and much more are used.

These are all vitamins, minerals & herbs in its natural form, placed in glass bowls on a bright green banana leaf that is placed before you. But it’s not to be eaten!

These pastes & mixes are all used at Nirvana for treating skin problems & hair related issues or to just maintain good hair, skin & detoxify.

Pigmentation, acne / pimples, scars/blemishes, uneven skin tone, etc are all issues related to skin.

Dandruff, dry & damaged hair, thinning, prematured greying, hair-fall, etc are hair related issues.

Skin care & hair care is a 365 days -a -year chore. Pedicures, manicures, facials, hair spa, body massages, bath scrubs, etc will rejuvenate and heal you. Believe in natural as ‘nature is your truest beautician’.

Dr. Roopa Shetty

Dr. Roopa Shetty

(M.D. in Naturopathy, Post Graduate Diploma in Aesthetics from Women’s World, Qualified ‘healer’ under Pranashakti from Malaysia)