About Nirvana

Founded with the aim of transforming the way in which people approach skin care, hair care and wellness, ‘Nirvana’ keeps up with its name by being a tranquility paradise in every sense. Modern day living has taken us away from the rest and relaxation that we so rightfully deserve. Providing you with solutions that are holistic, natural and real, Nirvana makes sure that you use these services to counteract the stresses and strains of your erratic lifestyle in only the most natural manner, which will help you to reconnect with the most peaceful inner-self.

Having an aesthetic infrastructure that delicately combines the elements of both luxury and serenity, Nirvana is a place where you will not only experience positive energy, but will also be able to evoke within yourself the absolute sense of ‘being’.

Nirvana ensures that the ingredients used in providing services are 100% natural and herbal, thus uplifting your spirits and reinvigorating your body, mind and soul, in their purest forms. For a transformation of the whole idea about services from ‘splurging on a service’ to ‘indulging in an experience’, visit Nirvana today!

  • The main aim of founding Nirvana is to make all women believe that natural, unrefined beauty lasts longer than temporarily acquired splendour.
  • To make this possible, Nirvana features products or ingredients exclusively sourced in a natural and herbal form while using them in treatments or services provided to you.
  • These freshly acquired products are found to be more potent and suitable to your skin and hair in its natural form and will ensure that you steer clear of spending excessively on processed cosmetics laden with chemicals or parabens.
  • What we apply to our skin, directly or indirectly affects our ‘Prana’ or the life force that flows through our bodies, thereby also impacting our mood, state of mind, and overall well-being.
  • An experience with Nirvana will help you understand that real, lasting results which display themselves from within your spiritual core, whether in the form of radiant and healthy skin or lush and luminous hair, are much more valuable than fleeting moments of beauty coming from synthetic products.