About Dr. Roopa Shetty

Dr. Roopa Shetty

“If your passion is your profession, then work is not really ‘work’ and the whole journey is as rewarding and exciting as the destination”. Dr. Roopa Shetty is someone who exemplifies this completely.

A woman entrepreneur of excellent reputation in Mumbai, Dr. Roopa Shetty has been a pioneer and trailblazer in the industry of Beauty, Healthcare, Well-Being and Spirituality, with an experience of over 16 years.

An M.D. in Naturopathy, Dr. Roopa Shetty’s passion for her field got her a Post Graduate Diploma in Aesthetics from Women’s World. She is also a qualified ‘healer’ under Pranashakti from Malaysia.

Her state-of-the art entrepreneurial venture – Nirvana, which is a wellness spa, skin and hair care center, is located in the picturesque heart of Mumbai in Powai and attracts clientele from across the city! The success of Nirvana can be attributed to the amazing combination of Dr. Roopa’s experience and the efforts of the skilled team members that work along with her.

Her other enterprise – Pranaa, which is a non-profit, healing and wellness centre, which is run by a Chartiable Trust, was initiated by Dr. Roopa to bring about a transformation in our lives at all levels – spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. Pranaa is based on the ‘The Crystal Healing Bed’, developed in Brazil, which combines the powers of Colours and Crystal Healing Therapy, working on the ‘Chakras’ i.e. the energy centers in the human body mainly for their cleansing, energizing, and realigning. The use of a Crystal Bed has been approved to a person in India for the very first time to Dr. Roopa Shetty!

Given the levels of excellence that she has maintained in her work throughout her career, it is not surprising to learn that she has also been awarded the certificates by Aromantics(United Kingdom) for Advanced Organic Massage Products and Advanced Hair Care and Skin Care Products!

Never someone to stop learning, Dr. Roopa is currently pursuing a PhD. in Metaphysics from University of Sedona, USA. She also always keeps herself updated with the latest developments in modern technology, trends of the millennial generation and the personal preferences of people and her clients, to go beyond just ‘business’ and to establish a genuine emotional connection.

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